CQ Headset-Bluetooth


In-the-ear headset with Bluetooth. Available with Dual GA aircraft plugs or with 6-pin Lemo-style connector.


  • Our CQ Headset with Bluetooth.
  • Our Bluetooth control is a unique in-house design by CQ Headset and is not a third-party add-on or separate device.
  • Simplified single-button control with onboard voice annunciations.
  • The smallest and lightest Bluetooth control of any aviation headset available. It measures an astonishingly small 3.1” x 1.5” x 0.75”.
  • Internal rechargeable battery via USB-Type C cable.
  • Make phone calls and listen to audio books or music.
  • Our unique selectable auto-mute options can either pause the media (ideal for audio books) or mute the volume.
  • The music quality through our Bluetooth control is simply stunning. This is accomplished with an onboard digital signal processor (DSP) that has been painstakingly tuned specifically for our entire sound delivery system direct to your ear canal.
  • Comes with 3 sets of standard ear tips, a set of small ear tips, a set of triple flange silicone ear tips, lapel clip, microphone cover, and a mesh carrying case (hard shell case option).
  • Available with Dual GA aircraft plugs or 6-pin Lemo-style connector, as well as with our orange frame or right-side microphone option.
  • The LEMO plug version can use ship power or the internal battery to power the bluetooth features.  The internal battery is not charged via LEMO power.

CQ Headset with Bluetooth user guide