Replacement Ear Tips



  • 6 pairs (12 ear tips) replacement ear tips if ordering the small (beige) and medium (yellow) foam sets or one pair of the triple flange silicone tips.
  • These yellow and beige foam tips are intended to be disposable.  Most people should be replacing them at least every 10 – 20 hours, some people more often.  We’ve seen some pilots use them for way too long.  Treat yourself to some fresh new ear tips once in a while.  Your ears will be happier.
  • Blue tubing can be used to create your own ear tips from your favorite ear plugs or to fit other ear tips to the elbows and sound tubes.
  • Ear tips are not eligible for a refund.

NEW – Next time you order new ear tips, treat yourself to a CMW foam ear tip installation tool!  It certainly isn’t required, but this tool can make installing new foam ear tips a breeze.  We encourage you to refresh your ear tips often, but some have wished for an easier way to press new ear tips onto the fitting.  This is the solution and mimics how we do it in large quantities with a small hand tool.

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