Ear Tips

There are many references on this site to the proper method of inserting ear tips as well as multiple ear tip options.  These items are such an important part of the function of an in-the-ear headset that they have their own dedicated page on this site.

Ear Tip Selection

The right ear tips will make or break your experience with an in-the-ear headset.  Everyone has a different ear canal and may find better performance or more comfortable ear tips than those we include with our headsets.  We encourage you to experiment.  Your ear canals are unique to you and your left and right may require different size ear tips.  Don’t discount this possibility.  We tested the professional and isolation Comply Foam Tips (Tx-100), which work very well.  We ship the CQ1 with tubes appropriate to use these premium tips if you choose.  If you have a favorite pair of disposable ear plugs, you can even make your own ear tips that will work with the CQ1 from those.  While the molded ear plugs will work with the CQ1, they are not recommended as they do not provide as good of a seal as foam-style ear tips.

Ear Tip Insertion

It is critical that the ear tips seal up all the open space in the ear canal in order to provide the best comfort and hearing protection.  It isn’t as simple as pushing in the ear tip.

In the video below, you’ll find a good explanation of how to prepare the ear tip before placing it in the ear canal as well as some of the failure modes and why you might not be getting the best possible sound blocking available from the ear tip.  Here is what the CDC says about ear tip insertion that is completely applicable.




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