Premium Ear Tips


A range of premium ear tips are available for use with the CQ1 headset.  If needed, premium ear tips ship with adapters suitable to fit them to the sound tubes.  Sample kits are available to try out all the ear tips available.

Group 1 – $8 per pair (S/M/L – large not pictured)

Group 2 – $4 per pair (S/M)

Group 3 – $8 per pair (S/M/L – large not pictured) Shorter than Groups 1 and 2 with a wax guard

Sample Kit #1 – $20  1 ear tip (not a pair) of each group in small and medium

Sample Kit #1L – $20  Sample Kit #1 with large tips instead of small in the available groups


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  • We have flown many hours with all of these options and ultimately prefer our standard yellow tips or the Group 1 tips.  To help you decide if these might be right for you, more details follow.
  • Group 1 and 3 Foam Tips – These two groups are made from a heat-activated memory foam that we feel provides great noise attenuation and comfort.  These have a bit more “grip” to stay in place in your ear canal during those hot and sweaty summer flights.  The noise attenuation is a little better than our standard yellow foam, and the foam is smoother that many will find more comfortable during long flights.  If you are familiar with “CEP” tips in other applications, you’ll find these very similar.  In our application, we prefer a small supplied adapter tube with these tips to connect to the sound tubes.  We believe these are slightly easier to insert than the regular yellow foam tips due to the inner core and the “handle” formed by our adapter tubing.
  • Group 2 Foam Tips – These are a mid-grade foam tip.  You might choose this ear tip if you wanted to not replace them as often as the standard yellow foam, yet they are at a moderate price point.  Properly seated, these tips have similar noise attenuation to the yellow foam tips.  A drawback to these tips is their faster foam recovery rate.  The foam expands more quickly with these tips which can complicate proper insertion and result in less effective noise reduction.  You want a foam tip that is a little slow to recover after it is compressed.  These tips use a small barb fitting or a supplied adapter tube to fit with the CQ1 sound tubes.
  • Ear tips are not eligible for a refund.