“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy I am with my new headset. I looked around and did a bunch of research on Vans Air Force  and elsewhere. I’ve flown with Bose headsets and just couldn’t bring myself to cough up $1000+ for one. Your headsets got unanimously great reviews from the RV crowd and were less than half the cost of a Bose or Lightspeed and there’s a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so nothing to lose by trying them. Let me say- you won’t be getting this headset back. I am 100% happy. They are light weight and there’s nothing about them that is uncomfortable and I can wear a wide brimmed hat with them too!! The sound quality In the earphone is amazing. They are very well constructed and I expect that they will last a very long time.

A friend loaned me his spare Lightspeed Zulu headset so I flew for an hour with the CQ then switched out for the Zulu mid-flight and after 15 minutes I went back to the CQ. The comfort just wasn’t there, they were “heavy” and made my ears sweat. And they did not block the noise any better. It’s nice to have the experience of comparing side by side and am now totally comfortable that I made the right choice!

Thank you for a great well made product at a very reasonable price. Perfect!”