“Just wanted to give you an update on the headset. I flew 30 hours with it last week and decided to sell my A20. It was totally amazing being able to do the long days without being limited by the comfort of the headset. A lot of times that would time me out and I would look for an excuse to come home, but now I can keep pushing in total comfort. Thanks so much for creating such a great quality product.
I found the communication quality to be on-par, if not better than my Bose. The noise canceling mic is absolutely better than the Bose (less engine noise in the background), and the yellow foam tips cancel noise just fine and work well with my ears. On longer stretches of not talking, I move the headband off my ears and rest it on my shoulders, so I’m just wearing earplugs and I can still listen to radios. If I have to talk I just throw the band back on. Game changer. “

(daily pipeline patrol in a C172)